Top Ten Tuesday – top ten books to read during halloween

Hello Bookworms
This is my first post for “Top Ten Tuesday” hosted by The Brooke and the Bookish
So, now that’s Halloween and you can feel it in the air…
This Tuesday we are going to talk about horror books. And actually I don’t have a top 10 List, but only five horrifying books, just to make you check the lock of your front door. Muhahaha!!!

The first one is definitely Salem’s Lot by Stephen King…
 It is just gruesome and awesome (I rhymed!)

Next is “Four Past Midnight” By Stephen King (again) It is a collection of short stories, and it is
 you know it is like those kind of books that you read them immediately because you want to solve the mystery… yeah!
Now we have “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Pelicular Children”

And last … we have two books by Glenn Cooper: “The Devil Will Come” and ” Library of the Dead” I own the Italian version, because I bought them in Italy (what can I say… International… haha)

So… what do you think? Tell me your opinion in the comments below. And if you have nothing to talk about, just share the post (kidding) (no, but seriously).

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – top ten books to read during halloween

  1. Thanks for your comment. It's a nice thing to receive such lovely comments after spending all that time looking around the house for candles, so that I can take photos of them. I checked your blog, but I didn't find the new TTT 😦


  2. I never heard of him either, until I saw his book at a library. His writing style is unique. If you love dedective police stories but mixed with horror, and mystery then I suggest “Library of The Dead” , while “The Devil Will Come” is like church vs devil kind of book. But I have to warn you that his books are super long, and you need to read a lot of chapters to get into the story.


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