Book Blogger New Year Challenge ~Day 3~

Hello World!

This is Day 3! So, this day is made for feeling regretful… Here I present to you…
Okay, apparently Parajunkee wants to make me cry. Here we go:
I had prepared my first winter TBR list, and I was so excited about it. I don’t even know what happened, but I didn’t read at least one book. I called it “The Lazy Blogger Syndrome”. I spent all those days practically doing nothing but only sleeping and lazing around. I didn’t even go to my local bookstore to check the new books. And of course now I am so sad about some book I missed L

The Nightmare Affair by Minde Arnett
This book sounds so interesting.  I really wanted to read it during my winter break. I want to buy it! The problem is I still have a long TBR list.
I am sad for some other books too, but still this is the BIG book I missed this year!

Hope you have a wonderful day my dears!


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