Feature & Follow Friday #2

Hello World,
Welcome to my second “Feature and Follow” hosted by Parajunkeeand Alison can read. For more information click HERE  
This week’s question is:
Seriously don’t ask me that question. I can’t choose ok? Anyways I have to confess that 2013 wasn’t quite the best year for me.  It was such a dark time while doing chemotherapy, but somehow I managed to find myself in the world of a good book.  2013 was the year when I finally started reading Stephen King and also I found out I have an undying love for horror books.  

I know that “Salem’s Lot” wasn’t published this year, but this was my book. This was the “it” book!

“Four Past Midnight” by Stephen King is a book with 4 short stories!  I started reading it in 2012, but somehow left it due to my health concerns. In 2013 I read the last two short stories and of course fell in love with it.

“ Mystical High” is very frightening and well-written. I didn’t expect this book to be that great when I got it, but still the story amazed me.

Well, that’s it!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day my dears!


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