Feature & Follow #4

Hello world,
It’s been a really, really long time, but I am back now with a promise “I will try to write at least three times per week.” I don’t want to excuse myself, because personally I believe there’s no such thing as excuses.
Without further do, let’s get a jump on our topic.
Today is Friday, and by that means, its “Feature and Follow” (Yay!!!)

This feature is hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read.
This week’s topic is:
Recommend some of your favorite back-list books – books that are at least a few years old
I would say three things in this case:
1. The whole “Harry Potter” Series by J.K.Rowling
2. The whole “Vampire Diaries” series by L.J.Smith
3. The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith
I decided to give you some fantasy and paranormal romance book. If you are already familiar with “Harry Potter” or “Vampire Diaries”, I would strongly recommend “The Forbidden Game”. This book is very unique, but unfortunately not so well known.
Well, this is it! Not bad after such a long hiatus. Seriously with the school and my writing, I can barely make some space for blogging. But, again, no excuses!
Well, I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! 
Happy Women’s Day! Girl Power!!!


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