Stacking The Shelves #3 Blood Games, Witch Song and More

Hello bookworms,
I hope you are having an amazing Saturday! Unfortunately, here it’s raining hard even though it’s spring L
But hey, this is a great opportunity for me to grab a book and drink cappuccino. Usually people are coffee addicts, but me, oh I am a cappuccino addict (so fancy).
Today’s topic is Stacking The Shelves. This is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing your latest book.
In my last “Stacking The Shelves”, I had left behind genres such as horror and paranormal romance, to focus more on different books. But after I started reading “Romance”, I said enough was enough, it’s the time to bring horror back! So this Saturday, my new books include witches, vampires, zombies, demons and some unknown creatures. This feels like home!
For Review

Bought  (They were free)

And finally my favorite  is “Blood Games”, a horror book set on Nero’s Rome. Hello, vampires and gladiators… what else do you want? Has anybody read this book?

 Have a wonderful day!


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