Vintage/Antique Book Haul (Italy)

Hello bookworms,

How have you been doing? I am back from Italy, currently staring at this photo, and longing for that cappuccino in Florence.


While I was staying in Rome, I found out there were a lot of old books markets out there. I was so excited that I decided to go treasure hunting. I found a little market in the middle of nowhere, and managed to buy three old books for 5 euros. I wanted to buy more, trust me, but I had no place in my luggage (and I had even sacrificed a beautiful white umbrella I bought in Florence). Plus my godfather (or “Padrino” as I call him) had given me two books with all Borges writings. I am a huge fan of the Magic realism and the Lost generation, not because that’s what intellectuals read, but because I can relate so much to them.

I apologize for these low quality photos. Usually I work really hard on my blog multimedia, such as digital art, paintings, and photography. I have been very busy today, working on something really exciting, something I have been dreaming all my life. Truth to be told, I’m not feeling well today. My doctor said that I can’t use my left arm (I’m left handed) for a while, and typing with only one hand is really annoying. But hey… Nothing can stop the horrific Anila from doing what she wants.

So here are the books šŸ™‚

The British Theater

“The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway


Sherlock Holmes


I didn’t know where to put the books, but then I found out that this was a perfect opportunity to get rid of my mother’s romance books in my library. Muhahhaha!

As you can see for these two really old books I used a transparent material to protect them. These are “Fiesta” by Ernest Hemingway published 1971, and “La Divina Comedia” in 1941 (it was a present)

To stay inside the “antique” theme, I even put an old leaf I took in Rome last September. These books smell so nice, like flowers and vanilla…. It is like heaven. I can stay smelling them all day.

Have a great day!

Happy Scary Reading!


5 thoughts on “Vintage/Antique Book Haul (Italy)

  1. I love the pics, especially the one of Holmes!

    So, Cappuccinated Girl (I know this word doesn't exist, but “caffeinated” does, so I took some liberty here), it sounds like Italy was a blast for you. Sorry for your arm though – I hope it gets better soon (so unfortunate that you're left-handed).


  2. Yup, I got your email. I read the post you told me, and I even commented there. Awww… Thank you for calling me Cappuccinated Girl. Usually I am such a health freak, I only eat healthy food, but when it comes to cappuccino… girl… For example this morning I had two. But on the other side, I order cappuccino without sugar, so it is just espresso and milk. Thank God I know how to write with my right hand.


  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog, and I am a new fan. You are amazing! Usually book bloggers only review books, but you take your passion in a whole new level. Why don't you start making Youtube videos? You are so funny, and easy going. Anila, you are such an inspiring young lady. I know it is hard to work with one arm (especially being left handed), but I adore your cheerfulness. I understand why you love reading Borges, and Hemingway. You aren't afraid to tell the world “This is me!”
    Please, don't change for nothing! I hope your dreams come true, because you truly deserve it! Keep shining šŸ™‚


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