December’s Reading Aesthetics

december's reading aesthetics
Photo Credit:Drew Coffman

Hello Bookworms,

Welcome to my December’s Guide To Reading (in case you do not know how to read, then I’m here to teach you.)
My favorite time of the year (beside Halloween) is coming, and truth be told I am excited. Here’s my guide to enjoy reading time in this cold weather.
This period of time, I have been enjoying reading Kafka. I know that for some people his writings are too intense, but actually I like his writing style, and the way he reasons. I am currently reading “Letters to Milena”. I don’t really know what kind of genres I have been reading lately. I finished “The Giver” some days ago, and now I think I will read some Kafka, Balzac, and Borges. I got these books for my birthday. Later, I will continue with some good thrillers I have found recently. The books I have chosen for December are quite thick, 300 pages and up, so I think that will be enough for me. (If you think I have stopped reading horror these days, you are wrong my dear. I always make sure I get my horrific reading hour at least once a week)
I have been enjoying instrumental music lately. For the ones, who don’t have Spotify, I totally recommend 8tracks. Here are some of my favorite playlists for winter:

Scented Candles: 
I have been using them lately, and I have to say that they really give my room a certain Christmas vibe. Very poetic and such! My favorite scent lately has been cantaloupe (a variety of Cucumis melon).
 It depends where you prefer to read. You may be wrapped in a cozy blanket, in front of the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa  cappuccino, or you may be like me… 2am, still with that book on your hands.
Well, that’s it for today. If you haven’t noticed the huge gadget saying I won NanoWrimo, let me tell you again. I won it 🙂
Also, for my Italian readers, please check my newest Italian Blog dedicated to my autobiographic book.
Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!

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