Books & Rome

Hello bookworms,

I hope you are doing well on this fine Wednesday. I had this idea long time ago about incorporating my travels and books in one post. I love travelling. It is a recent passion of mine. I didn’t know I had it, until I realized that I truly do love travelling. I love different cultures, and since I spend most of my free times learning about them, travelling is like a haven to me.

Therefore I decided to start this new series called “Anila’s Travels”, where I will be talking about book culture in these cities, or countries.

For this episode we have Rome. I have lived in Rome for two years and a half, and now I go every three months there for my medical check-ups.

I’ve noticed that in Rome, there are a lot of libraries and bookstores. When I say a lot, I mean too much! Wherever you go, you will find a bookstore near. I have a library in the hospital I go, and there is a shelf full of books in my hospital room.

When I take the subway, I love to look at people, and make up stories about them. Most of the people in the subway are reading, no matter if they are reading hardcovers, or ebooks. Don’t get me started on those newspapers.

There are a lot of talented Italian writers, and I have noticed that people tend to read their writers, rather than translated books. Though that is just my observation! There are a lot of religious bookstores in Rome, and you find them everywhere. You can even buy nonfiction there.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that young people don’t read much, not as much as the others.

But God, having a conversation with a middle aged Roman woman is like heaven. You discuss about a lot of things, jumping from one conversation to the other quite naturally, and most of their speeches start with “I’ve read a book…”

Of course, I am not implying that only Italians read books, or that all Italians are book lovers, but this is an occurrence you find in Rome.

 My favorite bookstores have to be the modern ones. In particular I love the bookstore in Euroma 2 ,and “Borri Books” in Roma Termini Railway Station.

I hope you liked this post. Until next time my dear bookworms!


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