Her By Felicia Johnson Book Review

Her, book Title: Her

Author: Felicia Johnson

Genre: Young Adult

Description: “Her” draws attention to a disorder that disrupts the lives of many teen and robs them of  their self-identity. In “Her”, Felicia Johnson takes us into the mind f a girl suffering with  borderline personality disorder, and deftly portrays her hopes and struggles as she  desperately tries to understand it.

Atlanta, GA, April 11, 2015 – While mental health issues are more freely discussed these days, it is still difficult to approach someone who might have a problem. But ignoring it is not an option. With courage and great hope, Felicia Johnson deftly portrays the struggles of a girl with borderline personality disorder in “Her” (8th Street Publishing). Her takes readers  into the mind of someone who is suffering so they can get a first person view of a painful mental disorder”, says Johnson. “The story is an example of how, if we try to push the past away we are either doomed to repeat it or let it haunt us to our graves”
 At first glance, Kristin Elliot is a normal seventeen-year-old who loves her family and friends and strives for their approval. But Kristen knows something is wrong with her. In her pain and isolation, she finds fleeting solace in self-injury, and the company of Mr. Sharp, her imaginary friend who feeds her feelings of self-loathing.
 After a failed suicide attempt, Kristen is placed in a mental hospital and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). There, she discovers the circumstances that brought her to this braking point, struggles to understand her mental illness, and fights to be a survivor against her own worst enemy: her self-blame.
 Kristen’s tale of endurance illustrates the complex nature of the illness known as borderline personality disorder.
 Readers – including those suffering from BPD and their friend and family – can glean insight into the illness from the powerful and compelling story.
 “The story is inspired by my life of survival and my childhood best friend, Holly, who suffered fro BPD,” Johnson says. “Holly lost her battle with depression and BPD when she was 15 years old and took her own life. “Her” also illuminates the harsh reality of child abuse in the home and the long term psychological effects it has on everyone involved”
 Johnson is an author, child abuse survivor  and mental health advocate. She works in Atlanta with the Highlands Institute and volunteers with Youth Villages Inner Harbour and Personality Disorders Awareness Network. Johnson was nominated for the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Award of 2014 and “Her” has been nominated for Georgia Writer’s Association Author of the Year Award. She loves ice cream and seeing her little sister smile.
I think that the book “Her” is going to become a classic. I strongly recommend you read it.

First of all, the book doesn’t judge mental illnesses, and doesn’t stereotype either. You get to know Kristen and the others, but you get to know them as people, as human beings, not as diseases. Usually in books mental diseases are described like sentences spoken from a psychiatrist, but here we get to know the people, not the diseases. We get to know them as human beings, we get to understand that the disease is a part of them, but they aren’t a part of the disease.
Secondly, the book is incredibly well written in a unique style, which makes you feel. Personally I believe that a writer’s greatest achievement is to make the readers feel. I felt while reading this book, I felt happiness, sadness, jealousy, envy, anguish, desperation, fear, confusion… I felt every human emotion you can ever feel, all packed up in those pages.
The appearance of Mr.Sharp, ever time Kristen feels the need to cut is a genius element added, because it makes us understand a lot of things. It’s not that Kristen wants to cut, it’s not that she can stop if she wants too. It is difficult, and much more complicated than that.
This is not a light read, because it has a very strong voice you simply cannot ignore for a whole week. Prepare to enter in a rollercoaster of deep emotions.
Thirdly, this book conveys things that happen in real life, tackles problems, which are evident in our society. “Her” makes you see the life in different aspects, and point of views.
Felicia Johnson gives us a raw book, therefore if you cannot phase the truth, do not read it.


This book deserves five cats:

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