Caliban Book Blitz

Hello Bookworms,

Welcome to this book blitz, where I present to you “Caliban” written by Miranda Nading. Yay! Another horror writer!


Author: Miranda Nading

Description: After the death of his wife, Dr. Bobby Reed gave up his life as a geneticist and settled down to raise his kids. He thought he had destroyed everything related to his research until an old rival calls for help. Bobby races against the clock as both the virus and Alpha Corp bear down on Walker’s Pass and his children. Held prisoner by Alpha Corp until he can figure out what went wrong, it is only a matter of time before he outlives his usefulness and becomes yet another victim of Caliban. 

In all of his years as Sheriff, Mark BaldEagle has never seen a flu like this one. Something is happening to the citizens of Walker’s Pass. As he begins to put the pieces together, he finds his town under an illegal quarantine, anyone who tries to leave is killed. Under the cover of a severe winter storm, Mark plans to protect his town…or die trying.

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Jacket photoAuthor Bio:

Miranda Nading is currently living on the shores of Lake Mohave in Southern Nevada. When not writing or spending time with her family, she can be found diving, exploring the Mojave Desert, and getting up to mischief. Author of Echoes of Harmony and Caliban, Miranda is getting ready to release her third book Canyon Echoes (written for a particularly spunky group of readers in Yellowstone National Park) in July 2015. The Extinction Series will be following in August.

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