Creature Feature Ep.5 The Albanian Fairies

Hello Bookworms,fairy

Today we have another episode of Creature Feature. (This is only for you Roberta, only for you). We are still talking about Albanian legends, and we still have some more episodes about them.

For this episode we are going to talk about Albanian fairies. Now different types of fairies are always featured in Albanian tales and folklore, and they aren’t the sweetest creatures withglittery wings.

Ora is a kind of guardian angel/fairy. Everyone has an ora, and she might not always be good. If you have been born under a bad “ora”, you do not have luck. Ora is supposed to guide you, protect you, and most importantly warn you. You know when you fall asleep, and then you hear someone call your name, but there is no one home? Or when you are awake, and you swear someone called you? Well, according to the Albanian folklore, an ora calls you, when she wants to warn you.

The fairy of the mountain or “zana e malit” (in Albanian) is comparable with the Valkyries of the Nordic mythology. Every mountain has a fairy, and their job is to protect soldiers in war. In Albanian folklore fairies are only women, and they are portrayed to be the strongest and the bravest creatures. There is a phrase in Albanian, which says “trim si zana” meaning “brave like a fairy”. This fairy of the mountain appears as fair maiden found bathing naked in mountain streams. If the person, who meets her, is a good individual, then she will warn him/her in case of danger. She has the power to petrify men with a single glance.

Mischievous fairies are also a thing in Albania. These types of fairies think they are better than humans. They usually kidnap young girls, and make them their slaves. The young girls are supposed to wash their clothes, and bring them food and water. If they dare to leave, the fairies will freeze them.

These Medusas/ Valkyries/guardian angels/prophets/water nymphs are the Albanian fairies.


2 thoughts on “Creature Feature Ep.5 The Albanian Fairies

  1. Quote:
    “(This is only for you Roberta, only for you). ”
    LOL!!! I feel so important now.
    …Umm, nope. I know the real reason why this is for me is because I pestered you about giving me a dose of my monsters. Actually, I didn’t give you a choice. ;P

    On a side note…either my “ora” has been on strike since I came to this world, or I was born under a very nasty one. Aargh!

    Anyway, I love your legends. Keep’em coming!

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