In Search Of Monsters #14: Aka-Manto

Hello Bookworms,

For today’s creature, we are going to talk about Aka-Manto. He is a yokai. I wanted to talk about him since I started my “In Search Of Monsters” series, but I never came to. He is quite a character.

Aka-Manto is a malicious spirit who haunts bathrooms and ask the cubicle occupants if they want red or blue paper. You think he’s harmless right? Maybe a little annoying.

No, no, no!

Their answer will determine their way of dying. If someone says red paper, that person is going to be slashed. Blue paper, and that person is going to be strangled.

What if you don’t answer? Then he will leave you alone.

Unless you’re like me, then you have friends, who can set up an interview with him. That’s when he’ll go out of the bathroom, and we go to a cafe for a nice cup of tea, to talk about his experience as Aka-Manto.

Fun Fact: He always wears a mask, because he is incredibly attractive, therefore he has a lot of admirers.


It’s been a long time, I know. But these months I was dealing with a huge change in my life. I moved to U.S. This was a big deal for me, since it has always been my dream to finish my studies in U.S. It has also been quite a cultural shock. Thank you so much for being patient. Starting from today, this blog will start its usual routine.



One thought on “In Search Of Monsters #14: Aka-Manto

  1. So, you see…one only needs to ask, and voilà, a new monster is served!
    Or I should say – one only needs to pester you on Twitter about it ;P.
    Lovely and funny artwork as usual! 😀

    Also, YAY for the restablishment of your blog routine!

    Best wishes for your American experience – and please don’t buy too many Pike books, or my heart will break… :((( *envy*


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