Women as horror characters

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Hello Bookworms,

Today I am going to continue talking about a very sensitive topic.

I am sick of women always being objectified, and sexualized, especially when it comes to horror genre.Today, I am going to talk about female characters in horror books.

I would love to sugarcoat it, to explain that it is not that bad, but it is.

Reading horror books sometimes becomes bothersome for me, especially when it comes to these female characters. Whether the male characters in the horror books are extremely deep and real, when it comes to women, it is not the same. They are there, occasionally, as a form of shadows surrounding men. They are evident in the superficial words used to describe them, they fulfill the role of serving the male characters, helping them, pleasing them, or just being killed by them. It enrages me to read it.

The problem is that, whatever character a woman is, whether she is the villain or not, she is extremely sexualized. Especially if she is young! Now, I do understand that there are different types of characters, and different types of creatures. Some characters, or some monsters are supposed to be sexual. But would that character be described the same way, if he was a male? Think about that!

I want to read more horror books with more women as characters, whether they are good, or bad, heroes, or villains, young or old. I want to read more horror books with women, who have different opinions, different views of life, who play different roles in the society.



2 thoughts on “Women as horror characters

  1. That’s why Christopher Pike’s Sita is so awesome. She’s nothing like the characters you mentioned! 😀
    I don’t read much horror (unless you count the YA books that dabble at the genre), but since you’re an expert in the field, I’m sure you’re right. And it’s sad, really. Damsel in distress, sacrificial victim…and half naked (literally or virtually). Maybe if more women wrote horror, that would change. Let’s hope it will…


    1. You are right! Sita is awesome. The thing is that there are a lot of female horror writers, but they are not known, not as much as males. That’s why in my next posts, I am going to review a lot of horror books written by women!


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