In Search Of Monsters #15 : Ashi-magari

Hello Bo3cf8c-monstersokworms, I am back with… In Search Of Monsters!

About The Feature:

As time passes by, I  become even more intrigued by legends and even more obsessed with them.  I am completely in love with  different folklores deriving from different countries. Still, this feature is a fun way to learn a little bit about these creatures. If you wish for more informative post, check out my Creature Feature.

Today’s creature is Ashi-magari, or the leg turner. There’s not a lot of information about it. This ghost-like creature comes from the folklore of Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku, Japan. Basically, Ashi-magari is a soft creature (Remember Ittan-Momen?), like a kitten’s fur, which wraps itself around a traveler’s leg at night, not letting them walk. It is supposed to be invisible (even creepier). With that being said, my “interview” with this creature didn’t go as planned.


2016-01-07 19.32.17

Let’s face it though: Ashi-magari had nothing to do with my fall; I am just “that graceful”.


2 thoughts on “In Search Of Monsters #15 : Ashi-magari

  1. Yay! A monster!
    Maybe you’re not “that graceful”, but a customary victim of Ashi…(…can I call you Ashi, my dear monster?). It’s a pity this creature is not that talkative, though. I’m sure you had many witty questions for it! 😉
    Also, it’s funny, because “magari” – and I’m sure you know it – means “maybe” or “if only/I wish” in English LOL.

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