Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

Hello Bookworms,

Starting with our Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination posts, we kick off with Albania’s beliefs and superstitions. These legends, as I consider them to be a form of propaganda, were used by Albanians discriminating others, and vice versa. Personally, I don’t know if I can blame either party, because these ‘legends’ were created in order to achieve independence or the contrary.

As you may, or may not know, Albania is located in Balkan. I don’t want to go on about its geographical position and such, this is all you need to know. Albania was under the Ottoman Empire from 1385 to 1912. During this time, a lot of Albanian rebellion groups used to fight back and start revolutions. Almost everybody did its job. I’m pretty sure these legends and superstitions came from old ladies, but either way, even though some of them are funny, they did their job. True to their Balkannature, Albanians were terrified of vampires, and used that fear for their own good. (Hint, hint… Dracula)

Now, the main reason they created these legends was not to scare the Ottomans away. We left that to Vlad The Impaler. Their purpose was to not let Albanians break from their circle and start practicing another culture, which could led to the assimilation of our own. In order to do so, they had these superstitions/prophecies/legends:

-If you married a Turk, you became a vampire.

-If you had a child with a Turk, you became a vampire and your child was cursed.

-If you corporate or worked with a Turk, you became a vampire.

They sound silly, and unbelievable, but they were useful. They helped protect the circle, and not let Albanians out of it. It was a terrible time, where different religions and paganism were forced in Albania, therefore they would rather believe their own superstitions, and culture, as it gave them some kind of identity.

P.S: Next time, we have the discrimination regarding learning to write Albanian and how religion was included in that. These posts aren’t just about Albania. I started with it, because it is my country, and I have a lot of information. I am currently gathering facts about other countries, and I found that so hard, as there are not a lot of articles in Internet, therefore I guess I’m going to have to resume on my famous creature interviews.



One thought on “Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

  1. This is very interesting. As a rule, I’m not a history fan (yeah, I know – that’s bad), but if someone is able to keep me interested without giving me the impression they’re only feeding me mere notions, I may even enjoy myself…That’s one of the reasons why I love the Thirst series by our friend Christopher Pike ;). Hey, I’ve just likened you to Mr. Pike! Rejoice! ;D


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