A Writer’s Morning Routine

a writer's morning routine

What is your morning routine?

People ask you, part of because they are interested in knowing it in a not “stalkerish” way of course, part of because they want to be inspired, somehow.

Neither way, I am going to share with you my weekend morning routine.

After I wake up, whether it might be 7 AM, or 10 AM, the first thing I do is wash my hands and face, and head to the kitchen. I need to drink or eat something. I might not have a full breakfast as soon as I wake up, but I do have my cup of coffee or tea. Which one do I prefer? Well, both. During the day I have only a cup of coffee, max two, but no more. When it comes to tea, I drink several cups. My favorite is matcha green tea. When I don’t have coffee (because we, as a family, forget to buy it), I have peppermint tea, because it helps me wake up. I always have my tea without sugar, always!

After making my coffee, or tea, I head to my home office, a.k.a my room. First of all, I take a look at the scenes I have to write (My writing routine should be up next week). I start my day with some “harmless” writing practice, just writing about random situations I might think of. I always save them, because who knows? I might actually need them.

Then, I carry on to what I am actually working on. In the mornings, I usually work on plot holes and editing. I hate to work on them, but I found out that I can deal with them better, when it is morning, and my mind is clearer.

This is my very simple weeekend morning routine.


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