Writing Diverse Horror



Welcome to “The Horror Muse”, a blog dedicated to changing the horror. I am Anila Hoxha, an internationally published author (Doesn’t that make me sound so professional?), and an aspiring horror writer.

I am a huge horror lover, however I do find that diverse horror is rare, especially amongst bestsellers. The best way to read diverse horror is to find books from foreign authors, which, even though they are amazing ,reading a translated book does not have the same feeling as reading a book written in that language.

Diverse horror would be explained as horror books featuring more and more characters that are not only heterosexual healthy white males.

For this post, I have compiled some questions, you may find interesting, if you want to write diverse horror.

Can I write diverse horror?

Everyone can write diverse horror. Actually, I hope everyone does. Am I capable of writing diverse horror? I don’t know, but I am doing something about it. I am reading books, and articles, I am talking to readers and writers, I am working on not remaining ignorant towards the problem of the lack of diversity. As long as I am passionate about, as long as I get all the help I need, as long as I do not offend or stereotype anyone, then yes, I believe I can write diverse horror.

How do you avoid stereotyping?

It is not that hard. You need to be informed, and you need to know how different people are stereotyped. This is very easy, because you encounter it every single day, unfortunately. You should ask your friends, and ask people who are engaged in writing about diversity (I am sure book bloggers would be glad to help you). You should listen carefully to what people say. If someone says for example that they feel like they’re being stereotyped, don’t just tell them no because you’ve done your research.

What’s different between diverse books and diverse horror?

I am not going to beat it around the bush. Horror, as a genre, tends to have only white characters, and if it happens to have diverse ones, it tends to be racist and stereotypical.

Horror is a difficult genre. Not that the others aren’t, but horror deals a lot with uncomfortable situations, and you have to be careful who you choose to be the victim, and who you choose to be the attacker.



4 thoughts on “Writing Diverse Horror

  1. Mortal angel? Since Castiel had his little “human” episode, I’m always hungry for a mortal angel LOL.
    Sorry – I’m coming down from a Supernatural high today ;).
    I’m really curious about this one. Visions that replace reality? Yes, please! And I do want to know who the diverse characters are. And did I mention I want to meet the mortal angel? LOL.
    Is “Demonic Anne” very different from the previous version “The Demon Child”?

    Good luck Ani!


    1. Thank you Roberta! Demonic Anne is an updated version of The Demon Child. It is much more elaborated, and the writing style has improved a lot. I will be drawing all characters, and writing about them. HIHI… There are some Italian ones as well. 🙂


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