Writing Diverse Horror: Audrey Hubel



Welcome to another installment of writing diverse horror, where I talk about my experience on writing “Demonic Anne”. I wanted to talk more about the characters, what sets them apart, and how I managed to avoid stereotyping.

Disclaimer: This conversation is very delicate. I try my best not to sound offending to anyone, but if that’s the case, please know that it was not my intention. I would appreciate it if you were to inform me. We are all learning here.

Today’s character is not the main one, but she is crucial for the story. Audrey Hubel is one of my favorite characters, that’s why I decided to start with her.

Audrey Hubel is a famous horror writer, born and raised in New Orleans. Everyone knows that she is very peculiar in the things she does, and in the way she talks, but she is very respected in the writers’ community. No one knows what happened to her during college, as one day she simply couldn’t walk anymore.

Audrey is a kind person, but she is strict. She doesn’t speak a lot, but when she does, it is about something important. Rose (the main character) works as her secretary, but Audrey is more of a mentor to her rather than a boss. She helps Rose a lot as the story progresses.

Fun Fact: Audrey is Shelley’s childhood friend (Shelley is Rose’s adoptive mother)


Audrey Hubel wasn’t one of the original characters in Demonic Anne. She was supposed to be a character in another story that I had been thinking about for a long time. As I was re-writing Demonic Anne, I felt like Rose needed help from a human as well, someone she looked up to. Instead of creating a new character, I decided to put Audrey.

Horror writers are very interesting characters, because there is a fine line between them being writers or villains. Strange enough, Audrey never gave villain vibes. Sure, she was not your happy and super nice character, but while my proofreaders were reading my book, they never doubted Audrey. She has an aura of a leader, who is courageous, but not dumb. When you read the book, you get to know her better, and you get to know her story better.


When Audrey came to my mind as a character- I don’t really create my character, they usually come to my mind as fully developed- I didn’t really thought about how diverse she was from your usual horror writers. Audrey has a disability, because she is on a wheelchair, but I love the fact that she still is basically a badass no matter what. Having a disability myself, I look up to Audrey a lot. I believe that my own subconscious was being kind to the young me when this character came to my mind.


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