The Horror Muse Arises

As some of you may know, my blog was previously called “A Writer’s Dark Corner”. However, after an eventful surgery I had, it was changed to the Horror Muse. I wanted to write a little description on why I chose this name.

After I had this surgery, I had to stay for a long time in the hospital. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to Internet (tragic!), therefore I wrote this little piece about a character I thought of. I had this great name for her, The Horror Muse.

Classy, scary and mysterious. This was the character. The storyline talks about a horror writer, who creates this monster-like creature for her books. She has a part-time job as a adjunct professor at college. One of her students confines in her that she has weird dreams of this monster chasing her. The monster was the creature the Horror Muse created for her books. The horror writer comes to realization that she could evoke monsters in every house. That was why she was called the Horror Muse.

Of course now the title of the blog relates more to horror books and literature, but it is a good story, I have to admit it.

Here is a little fragment of what I wrote. This story has not been edited, I wrote it while in the hospital.

“Close the window darling. It is getting kind of chilly in here.” The horror muse said, her voice soulless, her eyes staring at the wall, no feelings showing.

“Do you think the creature will show up tonight?” Leila asked with a mellow voice.

“Close the window.” The horror muse repeated again, her posture didn’t change even one bit. But Leila would have sworn her teacher’s eyes had shone dangerously, when the word “creature” had been said. After all, it was “her creature” they were talking about.

“It’s not that…” Leila hesitated for a second; afraid to anger her again “You are planning to kill it, right?”

“Will you close the damn window, Leila?” Her voice ringed a dangerous vibration through her pupil’s mind, giving shivers to Leila.

“Ok.” Her head hung low, as she closed the large Victorian style window. A quick look in the pitch-black darkness was enough to send her heart on the edge. Behind that glass, sure Leila felt secure, and protected from the night’s terror. But, still, how could she explain the coldness of this house, despite the fireplace, the melancholy, and the anguish suffocating the air around her. This house had been the creature’s home. No matter how much The Horror Muse promised her she was protected here, at the end Leila didn’t trust her, the creature’s master.

“Well, you better go to sleep now. Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do.” She heard her teacher’s voice behind her.

The Horror Muse got up from the chair, and she soothed the lines of her dress. She looked so calm, and serene.

‘Isn’t she frightened?’ Leila asked herself, but didn’t dare to raise her voice. Even though this house gave her the chills, she feared staying with the owner more.

“Good night!” she said, but got no response back. As the girl made her way out of the room, she heard the horror muse sigh.


2 thoughts on “The Horror Muse Arises

  1. Cool story about the change! Anyway, whatever your blog’s name, I’m glad it exists! (though I miss your monster vignettes from the previous version…*hint hint*).
    Happy Holidays sweetie! (Um, Horror Sweetie. LOL).


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