Hate (Poetry Series)

Photo Credit: Usamah Khan

A Poem by Anila Hoxha


All these years that I’ve lived,

I have never seen such an ungraceful creature,

You make the air so heavy,

I am suffocating,

Every move you make, makes the ground tremble,

Makes the nature die,

The aura darkens.

And I wonder what are you,

That the house cries when you come,

That the fear arises in my body.


4 thoughts on “Hate (Poetry Series)

  1. I don’t know if it’s meant to but it leaves a lot of suspense, especially the last couple of lines. I like it yet it seems unfinished. Like the beginnings of something much larger. I’d like to see it expanded on, I wonder what it is too. Not that you should answer that but expand on it, what causes the fear, what is this house to cry, etc.


    1. Thank you. I’m loving this idea of posting my poems here, because I can get feedback on it. I do have another poem, which is kind of the continuation of that. I wonder if I should put them together.


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