Spook Lights II: Southern Gothic Horror Book Review

51mEkoA70ULTittle: Spook Lights: Southern Gothic Horror

Author: Eden Royce

Amazon/ Goodreads

Description: Y’all gather round for thirteen more tales of Southern Gothic horror:

Boys find evil in their favorite sweet treat, a perfume shop that makes more than scents, a hurricane carries a mother’s vengeance, a conjure woman lies dying, unable to name a successor…

This is Gothic horror Southern style—shadowy rice fields, creatures that assume humanity at will—where even the most damaged and delicate have their power.

Rating: 5 cats


Before you read this, please read the review I wrote for Spook Lights I (here). This review is simply continuing what I’ve already explained in the first one. Eden Royce never fails to surprise me. I’m starting to love this southern gothic mythology. I’m sad I finished my two books, and now I don’t have any interesting book to look forward to, but either way it was a fun scary experience.

Basque of the Red Death
– I was mesmerized by this short story, because I didn’t really get what was going on, until the very end, and all I was left with was a grotesque macabre feeling that something happened, but I really didn’t know what, so my mind would race with different thoughts, one scarier than the other.

To Do List- I personally love to do lists. That’s why this was an interesting read for me. The horror built up slowly, until the very end, where you realized everything. I was doing fine, until the last line. Don’t even think of letting this story in half. Read it until the very end!

Grandmother’s Bed- This story is mentioned in all the reviews I’ve read, and I finally know why. Again, the author has a way of making a fairly normal story get scarier and scarier as I read, until the very end, where there is the big reveal, and it is shocking and disgusting too.

About the Author:

Eden Royce is descended from women who practiced root magic in her native Charleston, South Carolina. She’s been a bridal consultant, a reptile handler, and a stockbroker, but is now content to write dark fiction about the South from her home in the English countryside.

When she’s not writing, she’s probably roller-skating, watching quiz shows, or perfecting her signature dish for Masterchef. Sometimes all at once.

Follow her on her website at edenroyce.com or on Twitter @edenroyce.

(Anila’s note: She is also extremely nice.)


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