Goodbye Horror Muse

Who am I now and what I’ve become

The fall has arrived again with the crisp cold air, the sweaters and the hot coffee. Fall is always the time to reinvent myself. After all, I started this blog five years ago. I don’t really know where I am going with this. Sometimes, I just want to give up on it. You know, try something new. I am reinventing myself. But then a part of me doesn’t want to give up, because failure is too terrifying to be considered, and I am already reading for some authors, and what about my readers? I am afraid to face the truth, and I try to keep alive something that has not been alive. Where did my passion for this blog go? I find it funny, because, for some reason, my passion to read has grown so much and so has my passion to write, but I can’t seem to want to blog anymore. So, is this goodbye to the Horror Muse? Am I finally facing my worst fear? I won’t be able to say, “ I have a book blog.” anymore. I don’t believe it is goodbye at all, I believe it is a way of upgrading, reinventing if you will. I need to find what I am passionate about again. I haven’t written in so long in this blog, that I feel the need to have some sort of closure.

In my life, right now, I am doing a lot of new exciting stuff. I had a terrible time in August, but it got better now. My whole life purpose and my values got tested. I wish a time would come that I can share. For now, I need this closure, and I need to start fresh because that’s what I have been doing with the other things in life. I am taking back my life in a sort of way.

There are a lot of projects that I want to do, and I will do a couple more reviews here since they’ve already been booked. I am not closing the Horror Muse, and you can still come here to read my old posts. It’s just I won’t be posting anymore.

But you can still keep in contact with me through my Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram.

Twitter is the one I use the most. As I am writing this, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my chest. I will update all of you with my new projects so that you can follow me. I will not stop fighting about diversity in horror literature; it will just be in a different medium.

Thank you for these amazing five years!

With Love,



3 thoughts on “Goodbye Horror Muse

  1. I’m sorry to lose you, if only as a blogger. Of course, I noticed you haven’t been really active on the blog for a while, but on the other hand, I didn’t think much of it – it’s not like i’m a particularly active blogger myself because…well, life. One thing I missed where your vignettes though *cries*. I mean, not ONLY those, of course, but you know I loved them. Now…I understand where you’re coming from. And I’m sure you’ll find many other ways to be amazing, because your journey to where you are now has been amazing, and I’m sure that one thing won’t change :). I look forward to your future projects…and please don’t disappear on me, or I’ll turn your life into one of your beloved horror stories ;P (sorry, I was becoming too sappy, so I thought I’d end on a nasty note LOL).

    “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”




    1. You haven’t lost me!! I’m still here stalking you muhahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed my comics and who knows maybe there will be more in my other projects 😏 the ending was perfect hahaha!


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