Changing The Horror

The good old horror books, so rich in beautiful words, so unique in stories, so powerful in scaring you…but extremely old with our time period.

Sure, they are wonderful books, but is it all we can do? Only horror books written by white males about white males for white males?

What about the rest?

The Horror Muse has taken a new turn on this “Changing the Horror” movement. The main aim is to shift the attention from the same white male authors writing about all white characters to these beautiful, powerful diverse horror books, which unfortunately are not that known.

We would appreciate your help as well. If you know about diverse horror books, or if you have written one, please email us at anilaehoxha@gmail.com

Let’s all support diversity in horror, and let’s make it enjoyable for everybody, this way we can all relate to this genre somehow.

The horror muse is all about accepting who you truly are, even if that doesn’t fit the society’s stereotype! Who cares? It is important to be yourself, and accept yourself, even though you might not be the “cool” person. This blog is nothing like you have ever seen! We do not put boundaries for our creativity, we let our imagination run wild. There is no limit in the horror world.

– Anila X. Hoxha (The Horror Muse Founder)



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