Advocating Diversity Interviews: Liselle

Hello Bookworms, Welcome to my second interview of diverse book bloggers. This time it is the Lunch Time Librarian. I met Liselle through Twitter, and I absolutely love reading her well-thought and well-written posts about diversity.   Blog Twitter Bloglovin     Lunch-Time Librarian is about fun and personable book reviews, round-ups of great books … More Advocating Diversity Interviews: Liselle

Mental Illnesses in Books – Felicia Johnson

My dear bookworms, Today we have a very special guest, the author of the “Her” book, Felicia Johnson. This is a guestpost/interview of hers. Unfortunately, books tend to stereotype mental illnesses, and I loved Felicia’s real approach on them. I wanted people to learn about that. No one is ever talking really about them, and … More Mental Illnesses in Books – Felicia Johnson

Guestpost ~Eric Turowski for "Inhuman Interest"

Hello Bookworms Today’s post is a bit special. Please welcome our talented writer Eric Turowski. Title: Inhuman Interest (Story by Tess Cooper #1) Author: Eric Turowski Description: Thirteen words in a want-ad turn Tess Cooper’s world upside down after she signs on as a paranormal research assistant to the mysterious Davin Egypt. He reveals a … More Guestpost ~Eric Turowski for "Inhuman Interest"