Goodbye Horror Muse

Who am I now and what I’ve become The fall has arrived again with the crisp cold air, the sweaters and the hot coffee. Fall is always the time to reinvent myself. After all, I started this blog five years ago. I don’t really know where I am going with this. Sometimes, I just want … More Goodbye Horror Muse

Writing Diverse Horror

Hello, Welcome to “The Horror Muse”, a blog dedicated to changing the horror. I am Anila Hoxha, an internationally published author (Doesn’t that make me sound so professional?), and an aspiring horror writer. I am a huge horror lover, however I do find that diverse horror is rare, especially amongst bestsellers. The best way to read … More Writing Diverse Horror

Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

Hello Bookworms, Starting with our Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination posts, we kick off with Albania’s beliefs and superstitions. These legends, as I consider them to be a form of propaganda, were used by Albanians discriminating others, and vice versa. Personally, I don’t know if I can blame either party, because these ‘legends’ were created in … More Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

Creatures, Cultures and Discrimination

Hello bookworms, If you haven’t noticed it yet, I love writing about different creatures, legends, and monsters hailing from different countries, and different cultures. The proof that I have features such as “In Search of Monsters” and “Creature Feature” is enough to support my statement. I have a passion for different cultures, and learning about … More Creatures, Cultures and Discrimination