Writing Diverse Horror

Hello, Welcome to “The Horror Muse”, a blog dedicated to changing the horror. I am Anila Hoxha, an internationally published author (Doesn’t that make me sound so professional?), and an aspiring horror writer. I am a huge horror lover, however I do find that diverse horror is rare, especially amongst bestsellers. The best way to read … More Writing Diverse Horror

Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

Hello Bookworms, Starting with our Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination posts, we kick off with Albania’s beliefs and superstitions. These legends, as I consider them to be a form of propaganda, were used by Albanians discriminating others, and vice versa. Personally, I don’t know if I can blame either party, because these ‘legends’ were created in … More Creatures, Cultures, and Discrimination #1

Creatures, Cultures and Discrimination

Hello bookworms, If you haven’t noticed it yet, I love writing about different creatures, legends, and monsters hailing from different countries, and different cultures. The proof that I have features such as “In Search of Monsters” and “Creature Feature” is enough to support my statement. I have a passion for different cultures, and learning about … More Creatures, Cultures and Discrimination