Changing the Horror

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.15.43 PMCan a Foreign Woman Write Horror?

When it comes to writing horror though, it’s not that I get discouraged about it; it’s just that it is true. I’m never going to be the horror writer I want to be. Because we live in this kind of world, where horror is for men to write, as women are too “emotional” about it.



post diverseTen Diverse Books You Should Read

Horror is such a beautiful and expanded genre, yet we still end up reading the same books with all white characters. If there is going to be another diverse character, then it is probably going to be a stereotype.

The problem with horror is not only about the race, but the gender, the cultures, and the sexual orientation also.


Creatures, Cultures and Discrimination

Let’s talk about countries and their legends. They are usually created based on fear, fear of the unknown, of the future, of the enemy. Fear changes in different countries and in different time periods.


IMG_6011n_edited-1Women as Horror Writers

Let’s settle this dispute for the final time. Women can write wonderful horror, get over it.


jWomen as horror characters

Let’s talk about sexualizing women in the horror genre.