Here, we have a lot of posts dedicated to monsters and creatures, because we love all of them. Scroll down to find the posts to suit your taste.


FullSizeRender-1In Search Of Monsters

Fun little sketches to accompany my “adventures” to interviewing different creatures from different countries (Mostly focusing on Japanese demons)

These posts are for entertainment purposes only. You may learn something new, but their sources are internet and books. If you are interested in creatures from different countries, but you want concrete information, check “Creature Feature”.

Disclaimer: These posts do not intend to harm any culture, or make fun of it. This blog is here to celebrate every culture and its’ own quirks, especially when it comes to creatures and legends.

creature featureCreature Feature

In these posts you can find very specific and concrete information about different creatures, especially folklore. They are based on the interviews I have made with locals of that country. It starts with Albania, my country, but I have other posts coming.


Horrific Adventures a.k.a If Dracula was my BFF

The tittle is pretty self-explanatory. Please do not ask why.



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