New Here?

Hello Dear Stranger,

Thank you for stumbling on this blog, and visiting this page. Well, you are probably wondering, what is this blog all about?

The Horror Muse is a horror literature blog, which focuses on book reviews, unique legends and mythology, author interviews, and most importantly on helping horror writers, and readers.

To know more about this blog, please click here.

Who is the person behind The Horror Muse?

Anila H. , a.k.a Anila Hoxha is the founder of this blog. She is the author of “Il Diritto Di Vivere” (The Right To Live), which focuses on the most obscure years of her life when she was a cancer patient. She may not be a social butterfly, but she tries her best to be herself, which, according to her, is the best version she can ever be.

To know more about Anila H. , please click here.

What can I do here?

Well, you can read author interviews, book reviews. You can read about unique legends in a fun way (In Search Of Monsters), or in a very serious way (Creature Feature). You can learn about cities and their reading habits (Anila’s Travels). You may want to know what to read in particular months or seasons ( A Guide To Reading), or maybe you just want to know more about horror books (The best Horror Books Pt.1) (The Best Horror Books Pt.2) (Best Vampire Books).

You may be a writer seeking help, whether that is how to organize your home office, or how to develop your writing style (Writer’s Life). You might want to read more about women as horror writers.

At the end, you might even enjoy reading some random blabbering of Anila on how would her life be, if Dracula was her BFF (Horrific Adventures).

Whatever you want, there is a post for that, so please stay.

If you want to contact us, our email is

If you want to submit your book for review, click on our Review Policy first.



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