Advocating Diversity Interviews: Liselle

Hello Bookworms, Welcome to my second interview of diverse book bloggers. This time it is the Lunch Time Librarian. I met Liselle through Twitter, and I absolutely love reading her well-thought and well-written posts about diversity.   Blog Twitter Bloglovin     Lunch-Time Librarian is about fun and personable book reviews, round-ups of great books … More Advocating Diversity Interviews: Liselle

Writing Diverse Horror

Hello, Welcome to “The Horror Muse”, a blog dedicated to changing the horror. I am Anila Hoxha, an internationally published author (Doesn’t that make me sound so professional?), and an aspiring horror writer. I am a huge horror lover, however I do find that diverse horror is rare, especially amongst bestsellers. The best way to read … More Writing Diverse Horror