Review Policy

If you want to contact “The Horror Muse” for a book tour, book review, or whatever, then please contact us at

But please before contacting us, check out the rules:

-We accept both traditional writers and self-published writers.

– For reviews we accept only .pdf and .mobi

-Genres we accept:




Any books about vampires


Middle Grade






For Book Tours {Anila}


I usually do reviews, or interviews. I don’t really like book spotlights for book tours, only for book blitzes. So if you ask me for a book spotlight, I’ll probably say no. When contacting me, please include a sample of your book, like the first chapter.


For Reviews


You should know that we might not accept all reviews, please do not get offended. Also we are expressing our honest opinion.



D.N.F- Yes, I decided to put D.N.F to my rating system. D.N.F stands for “Didn’t finish”, and it’s used for books we simply can’t finish. Although this will be used quite rarely, on special occasions.

1 cat – I didn’t like it

2 cats- Not that good

3 cats- Average

3 cats and a kitty – Good

4 cats- Very Good

4 cats and a kitty- Amazing

5 cats- Absolutely amazing!

6 cats- Mindblowing! (This is used rarely)


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